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February 4th, 5th & 6th 2020
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Keynote Speaker
Jason Evers
Jason Evers has been coached and mentored by some of the most successful people in the world. For over a quarter century he has been the owner and C.M.O (Chief Marketing Officer) for one of the largest maintenance companies of its kind in Southwest Florida.

Jason’s ultimate passion is coaching people and businesses in achieving massive results. His years of experience in running several successful businesses and motivating people, not only to hit their targets, but to exceed them BIG TIME!

This has earned him praise from people all over the world. He speaks on various stages worldwide giving his audiences the motivation needed to overcome fear and increasing confidence to take action to massively improve their personal and business lives. 

Jason is a Business/Branding and Marketing Strategist He’s traveled to over 20 countries on 5 different Continents speaking to audiences, strategizing and creating blueprints for entrepreneurs to achieve massive results.

Jason has been associated and shared the stage with big celebrity names such as George Ross (NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice), Mark Wahlberg, top producing actor, Gene Simmons (from the rock group KISS and business mogul), Sylvester Stallone, Al Pacino and Steve Wozniak (Co-Founder of Apple Computers) – just to name a few…

His speaking style is fun and energetic, whether speaking in front of 1000’s or doing a small breakout session, you can be guaranteed your audience will have a great experience and walk away with valuable business lessons.
Keynote Speaker
Scott Colby
      In The Summer Of 2014 Scott Colby took a trip to Guatemala to help build schools with Hug It Forward that would change his life forever. During his time in Guatemala, he became close with both the students and parents of the students, and was shocked by their overall positive demeanor.

Each family came from a place of struggle, having little access to clean water, not much food, and living in small run down single room homes. However, their attitude towards life seemed to emphasize gratitude and graciousness and lacked the common negativity or "grass is always greener" mindset that we see here in America. They didn't seem to care about material possessions (no iPhones or TV!); they were content with what they had and thrilled with their new school.

That trip to Guatemala left Scott feeling conflicted upon his return to Colorado. He couldn't understand why the kids and parents in Guatemala seemed so happy, despite having so little, and yet a large percentage of people here in America struggle to feel even slightly content on a daily basis.
Featured FWA Speakers
An inspiring lineup of speakers with proven track records for success. Learn from the best and apply everything directly to your business.
Paul Kasander

Tim Croll

Keith Kalfas

Terry Craycraft

Special Guest Speaker

Special Guest Speaker

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FWA Conference Event Schedule
Feb 4th @ 8am EST

Fleet Wash Academy
Fleet Wash Academy is an online community that focuses on the specific mobile truck wash niche for contractors throughout the world. By networking with contractors from rookies to veterans we create a professional education platform to bring up an entire industry. Over 2000 members all with the goal of growing business, increasing standards and raising an industry.

BioClean System & Supply
Blaine Krugerud 
The Bioclean System stands at the pinnacle of the truck fleet washing industry for its unmatched ease of use, efficiency, effectiveness, and environmental compliance. There is no other fleet washing system backed by the same number of years of R&D or professional fleet wash companies using it every day.
Power Wash Store, North Mississippi
Steve Hill
Steve Hill has spent his life in and around Nettleton, MS. After driving truck for 14 years throughout the US he decided it was time to spend more time at home with his wife and son. Looking for a new career he began a pressure washing business concentrating on fleet washing. Being familiar with the trucking industry it was an easy transition. After 20 years of fleet washing he expanded his business to fleet detailing and is one of the premier fleet cleaning instructors in the industry. With over 24 years in the pressure washing industry he has learned a trick or two on how to clean equipment and how to maintain pressure washers. Steve has a  well-rounded background across all aspects of cleaning and is an incredible resource for his customers.
Southside Equipment Inc.
Russ Johnson
Southside Equipment, Inc. is a multi-line power equipment distributor based in Louisville, KY,
specializing in pressure cleaning equipment, waste water recovery and recycling, generators,
and cleaning chemicals. High quality and impeccable service is our ultimate goal to our customers.

Hydro-Chem Systems, Inc.
Terry Craycraft 
Hydro-Chem Systems began in 1971 as “one man, one machine” providing mobile fleet washing services. Today Hydro-Chem Systems has shifted from providing washing services and has become a 100% employee-owned innovative manufacturer of fleet & industrial cleaning solutions. HCS works with many mobile fleet washing companies across North America to help them achieve the ability to clean more equipment in less time, minimize or eliminate scrubbing, produce unbelievable results compared to their competition and increase their profit margins.
Conquer - Automate Grow Sell
Brandon Vaughn
CONQUER's mission is to help service-based business owners discover how to have a fulfilling work/life balance while growing and working toward and automated, systemized business. We help CONQUERORS get clarity in re-discovering their WHY, setting business and life goals, and help them discover the path on how to reach them.

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What Others Are Saying...

Charles Wiehr

This conference was top notch. A buffet of knowledge, (and food) without the aggresive sales tactics conferences often have. If there was ever an opportunity to break into this tight knit industry, this was it. Awesome event put on by even more awesome people!!!

DJ Carroll

Anyone in the fleet washing industry that is truly committed and interesting in growing their company needs to attend the Fleet Wash Academy Conference. Nate Farrier and Eric Trice bring the best of the best in the industry with the intention of truly helping other like minded entrepreneurs reach their maximum potential.    

Jack Asallas

 I assisted with my son Ilan to the 2018 Fleet wash Academy Conference and I found it was one of the best business decision that I ever made. The organization excellence, the knowledge that transpire about Fleet Washing certainly allowed me to develop my Fleet Wash Business, Plus the network of people in this Industry are like walking encyclopedias about the Fleet Wash Industry. I strongly recommend to active participate in FWA events.

Alfred Gholar

I am glad I decided to attend the FWA conference in 2018. As a result of this conference, I have established a new network of colleagues who I also call friends. Looking forward to seeing everyone in 2019.
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